The Gospel According To Bach

The combination of sublime music and biblical text of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion was the inspiration to adapt this sacred oratorio to a shorter, more audience-friendly work for trombone, strings,keyboard and narrator. In his original creation, Bach interprets God’s inerrant Word through his gift of music. It is Bach’s good news in response to God’s good news. In The Gospel According to Bach the composer’s intent, to glorify God through his music, is not altered; only the instrumentation has been changed. The original poetry, portions of scripture chorales, arias and recitatives remain the same.

Because Bach intended this piece as worship to the God of all creation, its natural place to be presented is in the church. This can be done as part of a worship service, in a concert series or part of a conference. Bach’s appeal is universal. Won’t you consider this one hour presentation for your church as a vehicle to attract those from the surrounding community and to encourage the members of the congregation?

The Creators of The Gospel According To Bach

Tom and Cheryl Elliott, following their studies at the Curtis Institute of Music, led successful music careers. Tom is a former ruling elder at the historic Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, founder and former director of the Westminster Brass and retired music educator.

Cheryl left her position as Associate Concertmaster of the Minnesota Orchestra in order to raise her family and to care for her elderly parents. Before marrying Tom and moving to Pennsylvania, she was a renowned violin teacher in the Minneapolis area. As husband and wife they have combined their gifts to share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this unique way.

If you have any questions or would like to book this presentation, please fill out information on our contact page or email Tom Elliott at thomas.h.elliott@gmail.com